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The 26th International Haydn Days in Eisenstadt, or, the Special Relationship Between Two World-Famous Composers

When the 26th International Haydn Days take place in Eisenstadt – the capital of the Austrian state Burgenland – in September 2014, you can count not only on musical pleasure at its finest. This year, director Walter Reicher had the idea to musically revive the close friendship between Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and give their heavily mutually influenced work a special stage.

27 May 2014 Events

Joseph Haydn was 24 years older than Mozart. Mozart saw him as a revered teacher and even as a father-figure who he affectionately called "Papa". Haydn in turn recognised Mozart’s musical genius early on and always referred to him as "God in music". Mozart was inspired by Haydn’s compositions and even once said that he learned from Haydn how to compose quartets and from him he took innovation to incorporate minuets into his symphonies. Here two kindred spirits met - each able to understand each other’s ability and work in their entirety and full complexity.

They often met to play music during Mozart’s lifetime. In 1790, Haydn left for England and they never saw each other again. Mozart lost a close friend and confidant, one of the few people who recognised his genius.

Matinee cycle puts Haydn’s and Mozart’s chamber music in the foreground

International orchestras and stars will once again this year turn the 26th International Haydn Days into a very special musical treat. Maestro Adam Fischer and the Austrian-Hungarian Haydn Philharmonic can be seen in the Haydn Hall. High-profile names such as the Academy of Ancient Music, the Mischa Maisky Trio, La Stagione Frankfurt, the Kammerorchester Basel (Basel Chamber Orchestra) with pianist Sebastian Knauer and soprano Mojca Erdmann, and The Clarinotts will be true highlights of these days. For the first time ever, this festival will present a classical ballet performance as well: Haydn’s oratorio "The Seasons".  

An especially interesting highlight for Mozart fans will be a matinee cycle which focuses on Haydn and Mozart’s chamber music. Ensembles such as the Acies Quartett, the Amerling Trio and the Compagnia di Punto will bring Esterházy Palace’s Empire Hall to life with both historical and modern instruments, as string quartet, piano trio and chamber orchestra.

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Esterházy Palace – location of the 26th International Haydn Days in Eisenstadt, Burgenland

Esterházy Palace – location of the 26th International Haydn Days in Eisenstadt, Burgenland

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