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Inconceivable: A World without Mozart

January 27th is the birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – the musical genius who came into this world 258 years ago on a freezing winter day in Salzburg, and who would shape musical history like no musician before or after him. Today the name Mozart is inseparably intertwined with classical music and it is impossible to imagine what a world without Mozart would look like.

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Admittedly, imagining that Mozart had never existed is just a fanciful phantasm and we are grateful that the world is as it is. After all, we were all born a long time after Mozart and we grew up in the constant presence of Mozart and his music. Perhaps it is prudent to ask the question differently: what would we have missed out on, had Mozart’s genius not been given to the world?

Music full of emotional depth, imagination and technical perfection

As soon as Mozart had entered the musical stage and gained popularity, the world of music started to change dramatically. Here was a musician whose head was filled with melodies never heard before. Somebody who made the musicians of his time tremble in awe with the complexity of his works. Somebody who asked his singers to perform arias unlike any others. And somebody who made his rivals quake with terror. Today, the work of Mozart is a given and his music finds an audience all over the world. Be it as a magnificent performance at the great opera houses of world metropolises or as a mobile ring tone – Mozart’s music is our constant companion.

Mozart – eponymous with festivals, chocolate and much more

As a matter of fact, Mozart is also a commercial reality. The name Mozart has long been a brand promising profitable business. From the famous chocolate Mozart balls to events (which are not necessarily musical in nature) – the name Mozart has not lost any of its lustre and consumer acceptance. The brand Mozart even ensures booked out hotels…

In a nutshell: a modern world without Mozart is inconceivable. Not only are we indebted to Mozart for incomparable musical masterpieces – Mozart has become an essential part of our culture. Some commercialisations of his name may go one step too far, but generally, Mozart is still a beloved popular figure in many areas of our lives.

Therefore: Happy Birthday, Wolfgang – and thank you for having been there!   

Happy Birthday Mozart!

Happy Birthday Mozart!

We celebrate Mozart’s 258th birthday on January 27th Source: Wikimedia Commons, edited with KeepCalmOMatic