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Child Genius Meets Child Genius

The lives of the world famous Chinese pianist Lang Lang and of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart share some striking similarities despite the fact that they are separated by a period of 250 years. These similarities imbue the performance by Lang Lang of three piano sonatas at the Royal Albert Hall in London at the beginning of November with a very special flair.

13 November 2013 Events

Sold-out concerts, raving critics – the likable pianist, born in the Chinese metropolis of Shenyang in 1982, “made it”. It is still worth mentioning that Lang Lang’s and Mozart’s paths to fame were arduous and full of hardship. Like the young Mozart, Lang Lang was supported, maybe even driven, by his father and spent a hard childhood in abject poverty.

Both musicians share a deep sensitivity and a fierce independence – manifested in the great masterpieces of composition in Mozart’s case and the unique way of musical interpretation in the case of the Chinese pianist. “When I play, my play wells up from deep within, I do not think about schools or styles at these times,” explained Lang Lang in an interview with the “Klavier Opernring” journal, published by Steinway Austria in September 2006. It is conceivable that Mozart’s reply would have been very similar.

Royal Albert Hall: a royal venue for concerts of world renown

The Royal Albert Hall is not only an opera house, but a diverse venue for a wide range of events. It was built in honour of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the husband of Queen Victoria. In addition to classical and modern concerts, this prestigious venue hosts boxing matches, the graduation ceremony of Imperial College London and much more.

On November 15 and 17, 2013, Lang Lang will perform three piano sonatas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and four ballads by Chopin:

  • No. 5 in G major, K. 283
  • No. 4 in E flat major, K. 282
  • No. 8 in A minor, K. 310

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Reading recommendation: Lang Lang: Journey of a Thousand Miles: My Story, Spiegel & Grau, 2009

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Wunderkind meets Wunderkind

Wunderkind meets Wunderkind

Lang Lang at the piano Source: Wikimedia