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Meditating with Mozart – far from the big opera stages of the world

Opera houses, concert halls, open air stages – many people automatically draw a connection between the music of Mozart and grandiose venues. An unforgettable experience without question. But also by far not the only approach to the work of the musical genius. Why not approach Mozart at home, without a dinner jacket or formal dress – during a meditation for instance?

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As we know Mozart, it is very unlikely that he was the type to have meditated. But his genius gave birth to melodies that are perfectly suited as a background for meditation due to their artistic depth and sophisticated harmonies. Every human being has their own individual approach to music, ranging from the mere enjoyment of listening to analytic interpretations. Today’s text looks at music as a means to a certain end – music in the service of relaxation.

Tranquillity and a short deliberate reprieve from daily life, even for a limited amount of time, are very beneficial for the psyche. Regular meditation brings relaxation, helps to deal with stress and increases the capacity to concentrate. Thoughts get clearer and many discover interesting things on their journey to their selves –accepting who and what they really are. The positive side-effect: the engagement with oneself ensures deeper relationships with partners, family and peers. Often, one is seen as a calming influence in a hectic world, who deals with problems far more calmly and confidently than many others.

Music meditation courses

Those who feel lost at home as beginners in meditation will be pleased to find a plethora of meditation courses. Many include meditation seminars, which offer introductions to breathing and relaxation techniques in the traditions of Yoga and Zen. The expert guidance leads to a deeper appreciation of the musical background – not always Mozart, but frequently so – which is experienced with a deeper awareness, offering an invitation to approach this music from a different angle.

Many educational facilities, monasteries, Yoga schools and private instructors offer meditation classes. Select travel agencies offer music meditation journeys and esoteric fairs may also provide answers.

But back to Mozart. From “A Little Night Music” to the “Adagio for Glass Armonica in C-major”, the “Piano Concerto No.23 in A-major” to the “Flute and Harp Concerto in C-major” and the great arias and symphonies – the choice of Mozart pieces suited to meditation is overwhelming. All one needs to do is to take the first step… we wish you many “enlightening” moments!

Sitting Buddha – a symbol of meditation worldwide.

Sitting Buddha – a symbol of meditation worldwide.

Meditating with Mozart as your soft background music Source: Wikimedia Commons