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Mostly Mozart: When it’s Summer in New York …

One couldn’t announce it early enough: the Mostly Mozart Festival will open its doors in just a few weeks! From 25 July until 23 August 2014 this festival will make Lincoln Center in New York City swing and sway. Audiences can look forward to a rich programme of musical performances of the highest level.

16 May 2014 Events

The tradition of the Mostly Mozart Festival is already nearly a half-century old. And for just as long, this fixture of New York culture has stayed true to its principle of bringing its audience closer to Mozart’s works – and works by those inspired by his genius. Again this year you can look forward to being taken away to Mozart’s world and to experiencing how far his influence on music reaches, even today.

On one side, the Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra will have their say with new dynamic musical productions, as always under the direction of Renée and Robert Belfer as well as conductor Louis Langrée. The programme includes numerous pieces by Mozart as well as Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, plus you can hear the Emerson String Quartet together with clarinettist Martin Fröst. The pianist Yuja Wang will take this opportunity to celebrate her Mostly Mozart debut and – last but not least – we can look forward to virtuoso performances by the American violinist Joshua Bell, the New York pianist Richard Goode and the German violinist Christian Tetzlaff.

A contemporary composer will also "have their say" – presented and interpreted by the International Contemporary Ensemble, the Mostly Mozart Festival’s artists-in-residence: John Luther Adams' newest composition "Sila: The Breath of the World" will celebrate its world premiere and the excellent percussionist Steven Schick will put his own mark on Adams' "Mathematics of Resonant Bodies".

A festival for everyone

A series of additional performances, shows and talks will take place alongside the main programme, both in the concert hall as well as outdoors. Look forward to readings, artist talks, etc. The Little Night Music Events feature late night performances with catering – including bombastic views of New York’s skyline.

Lincoln Center is located in Manhattan on the Upper West Side, very close to Broadway. Find more information about the Mostly Mozart Festival at

The setting for the Mostly Mozart Festival: Lincoln Center in New York

The setting for the Mostly Mozart Festival: Lincoln Center in New York

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