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Don Giovanni Down Under

In summer of 2014, Don Giovanni will once again be up to his mischief: from 25 July to 30 August at the Sydney Opera House’s Joan Sutherland Theatre, a new Don Giovanni production will bring the renowned drama dealing with the insatiable seducer a little closer to the audience in a perplexing, highly psychologically complex production. It’s time to start getting excited.

09 May 2014 Events

Responsible for this is one of the leading – and most provocative – opera directors of our time, Scotsman Sir David McVicar. In his Australian debut, this artist known for his naturalistic style approaches the personality of seducer Don Giovanni in a new and unusual way and tries to comprehend and present his motive and intentions in a new light. Is he a sex maniac or just a rich, superficial type of player whose lifestyle is characterised by endless debauchery and sexual escapades? He supposedly seduced the seemingly unbelievable number of 2000 women, but can that really be true? What kind of man is this? What kind of person? McVicar spins his personal interpretation of Don Giovanni, played by New Zealand baritone Teddy Tahu Rhodes, around these questions. This actor transforms Don Giovanni into a crazy, evil and dangerous man – close to damnation in hell, but always able to truly sing like an angel.

The perfect Don Giovanni: Teddy Tahu Rhodes

Teddy Tahu Rhodes seems perfect for the embodiment of the serial seducer Don Giovanni. Others purport that he has great magnetism, the sombre timbre of his voice combined with his highly masculine appearance ultimately creating a Don Giovanni which breathes life into McVicar’s vision of the protagonist in Mozart’s great opera. The result of this interplay – along with many other notable artists such as Shane Lowrencev as Leporello, Elvira Fatykhova as Donna Anna, John Longmuir as Don Ottavio – is a psychological drama that will surely fascinate the audience.

Don Giovanni will be performed on a total of 13 days in July and August 2014. Find more information and purchase tickets at:

The world-famous Sydney Opera House – the stage for Don Giovanni this summer

The world-famous Sydney Opera House – the stage for Don Giovanni this summer

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