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Besides Salzburg

Mozartfest Festival in Reutlingen

27 August 2013 Events

Not only Salzburg and Vienna have a claim to Mozart, but also the charming little town of Reutlingen in Swabia, Germany. Here the works of Mozart will be explored in a unique way between September 21 and October 6, 2013. The motto of the festival is "Mozart-Wonder-Child" and it offers a new, contemporary perspective on the great composer.

As a child prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart toured Germany extensively with his family. Mozart left traces in many German towns and cities – and his father came from Augsburg, Germany, where the German Mozart Society (DMG) has its home. This society hosts the annual Mozart Festival, taking place in Augsburg two years in a row and in a different city in the third year. For 2013 Reutlingen was chosen.

A refreshing approach – Mozart here and now

Reutlingen deliberately aims to provide a completely different approach to the glamorous festivals in Salzburg and Vienna and the prevalent “Mozart Mania”. All of Reutlingen celebrates the Mozartfest festival. The programme is very diverse – from classical concerts to musical-theatrical performances and special events for children and young music lovers to film shows – and unconventional approaches such as jazz concerts and even African Zulu music create a comprehensive discussion of Mozart’s works. The organisers of the festival aim to provide a wide variety of perspectives on Mozart as a composer. The theme “Child Prodigy” will take centre stage – reflections of the contemporary treatment of child prodigies are explicitly encouraged.

Hosts, organisers and artists of the festival include: the Wuertembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen Orchestra, which is widely known for its projects for youths and children; the Barockorchester Reutlingen Orchestra; the Junge Sinfonie Reutlingen Orchestra and the boy’s choir Capella Vocalis; the soloists of the wind section of the Philharmonic Orchestra, Ensemble Berlin; actors of the Reutlingen Theatre; the Klazz Brothers and many more. A colourful potpourri of artists with one goal: to offer the audience an exciting, sophisticated and entertaining approach to Mozart in the 21st century.

The German Mozart Society

The German Mozart Society was founded in Augsburg in 1951 and is dedicated to the preservation of the works of Mozart and research into the life and work of the composer and his family, as well as the maintenance of the Mozart monuments in Germany. It comprises communities dedicated to Mozart throughout all of Germany. One manifestation of this effort is the Mozartfest Festival, which features a different angle on Mozart every year.

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