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High Culture for Easter in Austria: Salzburg Easter Festival 2014

Three great composers stand in the lime-light of the Salzburg Easter Festival this year: the contemporary and extremely prolific Wolfgang Rihm, the birthday child Richard Strauss, and someone who simply could not be absent at a festival of such artistic calibre, especially not in Salzburg: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

08 April 2014 Events

Admittedly, Mozart is not ranked in first position in this list. But there is no getting away from the musical genius in Salzburg, especially since Richard Strauss - who was born in Munich in 1864 - was a great admirer of his work. Christian Thielemann, artistic director of the Salzburg Easter Festival since 2013, decided to focus on the two great composers this year. It was also his decision to include the contemporary composer and musical scholar Wolfgang Rihm, who was born in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 1952. The compositions of Richard Strauss had a tremendous impact on his extensive work and his understanding of music itself.

Richard Strauss – Homage to the 150th Birthday of the Composer

Richard Strauss directed the premieres of nine of his fifteen operas at the legendary Semperoper opera house in Dresden, Germany. Among them is “Arabella”, the musical highlight of the Salzburg Easter Festival 2014, which will be performed on April 12 and 21 at the Great Festival Hall in Salzburg. The affection of Christian Thielemann for “his” Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden orchestra certainly played a role in his decision to put the birthday child Richard Strauss at the centre of this year’s Salzburg Easter Festival.

Wolfgang Rihm – One of the Most Performed Contemporary Composers

Rihm’s prolific work comprises more than 400 pieces of music. He is also widely renowned as a musical scholar and his countless articles and analyses enjoy wide circulation. The work of Richard Strauss plays an important role in his own musical creations.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Highlight on the 25th Anniversary of the Death of Herbert von Karajan

Mozart’s Requiem in D-minor will be performed on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the death of Herbert von Karajan, founder of the Salzburg Easter Festival. At the tender age of 19, Christian Thielemann worked with the great conductor Karajan and he commemorates the charismatic musician with his own concerts on April 15 and 18. In addition to the Requiem, works by Rihm and Strauss will also be performed.

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Wolfgang Rihm

Wolfgang Rihm

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